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Discussion & Panel: Transracial and Transcultural Issues in Adoption/Fostering

  • Wednesday, February 12, 2020
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • TBC


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Base fee:
  • A HKD50 discount is being offered if you bring your spouse or partner to this event
  • A HKD50 discount is being offered if you bring your spouse or partner to this event

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STOP PRESS - Due to the corona virus outbreak currently affecting Hong Kong we have been unable to hold this event and will reschedule it at a future date to be confirmed when the situation is more predicatable.

Growing up as a transracial or transcultural adoptee often creates deep questions about identity. Many assumptions are made about who and what the adoptee is or is not, based on external appearance. An added complication is that family members and others may not understand or can take it personally when adoptees are struggling to make sense of their racial/cultural identity. How do we all navigate this with openness, courage, and sensitivity? 

For example...

Have others ever expected you to speak a language or have cultural knowledge just because of how you look? 

Have you found yourself saying, "I don't think of you as Chinese (or insert other ethnicity), I just think of you as my son/daughter"?

Are you aware that some of your children or the students you work with might struggle with feeling confused or awkward talking about the complex makeup of their family?

Join us for this important discussion facilitated by adoption therapists Dr. Erica Liu Wollin and Staci England MSW along with adult adoptees Lily Engbith, Jenny Wiseman, and Lucy Hill, for an evening centered on adoptee voices and experiences.

Teens age 15 and up are welcome.

This event is open to all parents and caregivers, waiting and prospective parents, adult adoptees, professionals and students.

  • Please arrive to check-in at 18.50; meeting is from 19:00 to 21:00 pm
  • Seating is limited, registration and payment are required in advance.
  • 95HKD for AFHK members and Island Christian Academy Parents
  • 145HKD for non-members or lapsed members (or click here to join/renew your membership and attend this event for FREE).

Participants may opt to receive a Certificate of Attendance which will note your participation and the topic of this meeting. We hope this may support an adoption or foster application by demonstrating an ongoing commitment to learning about the needs of parenting a child through adoption or fostering. The certificate will cost HKD30 and be emailed directly to you after you attend the meeting.

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