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Movie Night: Lion

  • Friday, October 05, 2018
  • 19:00 - 21:30
  • Bamboo Grove Club House Lounge, 7th floor, 74-86 Kennedy Road, Midlevels


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Base fee:
  • Film + Pizza + Soft drink

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"Lion" is an acclaimed film which received a number of Oscar and BAFTA nominations for the cast and film makers, with Dev Patel going on to win the BAFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2017. Based on a true story, adoption is front and center, and explored sensitively and without cliché.

The audience is transported to rural India during the film's opening thirty minutes using breathtaking cinematography before trying to settle us into the main character, Saroo’s, adopted country of Australia. Flashbacks to his early Indian childhood adventures  are interwoven into a frantic present day search for adult adoptee Saroo, and provide the tension required to reflect the trauma and conflicts inherent in a root tracing journey.

The Daily Telegraph observes that “Lion” is “Inescapably moving without going overboard. A story with this much built in emotion doesn’t need milking” .

With a strong cast, The Guardian declares that well known actress, Nicole Kidman "delivers some of her finest work of her career as Sue, mother of Saroo, and his adoptive brother, Mantos". She captures the essence of  torment experienced by an adoptive Mother as an ‘onlooker ’ as her much loved son is consumed and obsessed by his search.

This film is PG-13 and runs for 118 minutes.

Join your fellow members of the adoption community for an evening of film, pizza and socializing. The perfect start to your weekend!

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Map and directions here

Security guard will direct your car or taxi to visitor parking and then walk to the north end of the parking to enter the Clubhouse. Follow signs to the Clubhouse lounge on the 6th floor. If you arrive on foot then ask the security guards for the Clubhouse. Paid Parking (with an Octopus card only) is available at Bamboo Grove.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the event of inclement weather and a Black Rain or Typhoon 8 warning is hoisted this event will be cancelled. Please check AFHK's website for updates.

All registration is final and no refunds or credits will be given, except in cases of cancellation due to weather.

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