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WEBINAR + CERTIFICATE: The Impact of Fetal Alcohol Exposure on Children and the Trauma Work We Do by Dr. Erica Liu Wollin

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Price is HKD400 (approximately USD51). *CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION ISSUED AFTER PASSING THE FOLLOW-UP QUIZ* This 2-hour webinar focuses on the impact of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) on children and their families. Recent research suggests that FASD may affect up to 5% of children in the US, and even higher in certain regions and countries - making it as common if not more so than other well-known developmental disabilities; yet the majority of children are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Rates of FASD are particularly high in adoptive and foster families, yet few families are educated or prepared to recognize, let alone handle the unique challenges that come with FASD. Practitioners, including therapists, social workers, psychologists, physicians, psychiatrists, and educators will benefit from a deeper understanding of best practices with children who have or are suspected of having been exposed in-utero to alcohol. Parents and caregivers will also benefit from understanding more about FASD and what complicates attachment, trauma and therapeutic parenting. Erica Liu Wollin, PsyD, MA is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Hong Kong and a Licensed Psychologist in the US. She is a Certified EMDR Therapist and has a private practice specializing in adults, adolescents, and children with Complex Trauma. She is also an adoptive parent and works with adoptive families using the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol as well as the ARC model, Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment (SMART), and the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP). She co-leads support groups for adoptive parents, serves on the Steering Committee of Adoptive Families of Hong Kong, and provides consultation and training for an NGO serving adoptive and foster families and children at risk. She is a regular speaker and trainer, has been a clinical supervisor for a number of doctoral programs, and has a background in university mental health as well. Webinar will be accessible for 60 days upon purchase.

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