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Request for submissions to Sexual Offences Sub committee

Wednesday, August 08, 2018 4:39 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Pro Forma Letter.docx

Law Reform Consultation Paper - Review of Sexual Offences.pdf

It has been brought to our attention that adopted children are not appropriately protected in the current laws in Hong Kong related to incest. In the Crimes Ordinance, the existing incest offence does not cover parents who have a sexual relationship with their adopted children. Although prosecutions can be brought against sex offenders under the other laws that protect minors, we feel adopted children in our society must be treated equally by the law in every respect.

Now is the time for action! The Review of Sexual Offences Sub-Committee released a Consultation Paper with potential revisions to the law, including a suggestion that adopted children should be protected just as biological children; they invite the community to express their views by 15th August 2018. AFHK will be writing our letter to the Government, but we also urge you to take this opportunity to lobby Government and send a clear message that adopted children are entitled to the same protection against harmful crimes as biological children.  We attach the following:

1) A Pro Forma (pre-written template) letter for you to either (a) add your personal details and sign or, even better to (b) amend/add to use your own words to express your views and submit to Government. The number of replies received in consultation periods matter; the Law Reform Commission reports how many are sent by the community and distinguishes between the pro forma replies and personally drafted submissions in its reporting. 

Pro Forma Letter Final (1).docx

2) The Consultation Paper: In Chapter One, the paper discusses incest at length making reference to adoptive parents, marriage of adult adoptive children to parents and siblings, extension of incest law to uncles/aunts/nieces/nephews.

Law Reform Consultation Paper - Review of Sexual Offences.pdf

Letters should be sent to:

The Secretary

The Review of Sexual Offences Sub-Committee

The Law Reform Commission

4th Floor, East Wing, Justice Place

18 Lower Albert Road

Central, Hong Kong


Please take action urgently either by email or mail before the closing date 15th of August

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