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2012/09/18 - An Action Plan for Adoption: Tackling Delay (UK Government)

An Action Plan for Adoption: Tackling Delay explains the changes the Government will be making to speed up the adoption system in England. Adoption is one of the Government’s top priorities. Ministers want to create a more effective and user-friendly adoption system -  a system which is truly fit for purpose. They are determined to ensure that adoption is available for children where this is in their best interests, and they want it to happen without undue delay. The action plan sets out a range of proposals to speed up the process for children; to overhaul the service for prospective adopters; and to strengthen local accountability for the timeliness of adoption services. Read more about the report at the UK's Department of Education here. Or check out the report: An Action Plan for Adoption- Tackling Delay (UK 2012).pdf

2011/05/13 - Sensory Integration Difficulties

On May 13, 2011, Occupational Therapist Ann Bridgewater led a discussion at our Parent Support Meeting entitled "Facilitating Sensory Processing in Adopted Children".  We have uploaded some books on Sensory Processing in our Resources, books in English section as well as the following reference: (Louise Porter reference) An extract from Porter, L. (2008) Young children’s behaviour. Elsevier, Sydney.

Click here to download the full article.

2011/02/25 - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adopted Children: Difficulties in Attention or Attachment? Presented by Ms. Ru

Our thanks to the large group of parents and professionals who joined us for our AFHK Parent Support Meeting on Feb 25, 2011.  We're also grateful to Ms. Ruby Mui, who spoke on the topic: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Adopted Children: Difficulties in Attention or Attachment?

Ms. Mui, who has a background in both Special Education and Clinical Psychology, explained how some of the common symptoms of ADHD are also impacted by insecure attachment, and the need to address both the attention and attachment issues. 

As promised, we are providing the slides from the presentation.  Please note that we are providing this information to assist our members and this is not a substitute for professional consultation or treatment.

Click here to download the full presentation.

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