Annual Programme of activities

AFHK offers an exciting line up of activities and events open to members and non members. Members receive priority placing and preferential pricing.

All of AFHK's activities are designed to connect, support, and celebrate adoptive families living in Hong Kong and to help educate the greater Hong Kong community about adoption.

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Professional Event

Monthly Discussions

AFHK Monthly Discussions are held on a monthly basis about 10 times a year, generally on a Friday from 12.20 till 2 pm time in Central. Two to three times a year we combine a shorter monthly discussion meeting from 12.20 – 1.30 with a parent discussion meeting from 1.30 – 2.30. A couple of times a year the Monthly Discussion meeting is held in the evening.
  • January 15, 2016 : Sexting, Grooming, Chat Rooming: Protecting Cyber Children in the Digital Age with Fiona Herbert
  • March 11, 2016: Monthly Discussion and Parent Support Meeting - Making Sense of Traumatic Stress in Children (Podcast) with Sue Badeau

Previous Discussions topics

  • Dealing with Defiance :How to handle defiant behaviour, whether it reaches clinical significance or not, with Dr Melissa Ortega
  • The Giving: Understanding the Hearts and Experiences of Birth Mothers
  • Building Connections - Creating secure attachment and healthy minds through relationship and play 
  • What adopted teens want their parents to know (Podcast)
  • Growth and Grit with John Shanahan
  • Monthly Discussion and Parent Support Meeting - Reframing Discipline: Dealing with Tantrums, Tensions and Tears

Waiting Families Gatherings

Waiting Families and Families who recently adopted meet each trimester to share their experiences and provide each other with support and understanding.

Newly Adoptive Families Meetings

Newly Adoptive Families meetings are evening events held three times per year. These events aim to address topics of interest for all who are touched by adoption: parents, family members, and professionals, such as social workers, teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists. Our events have covered such topics as speech therapy, understanding the importance of regulation, and using storybooks in sharing adoption stories.

Annual Picnic

A fun filled day of running around, playing, family games, eating & enjoying the fresh air at Victoria Gardens at the top of the peak. Bring all the family & friends.

Annual Family Holiday Party

Social Events

Annual Cocktail Party and General Meeting
Single Parents Night Out
Teen & Tween Event
Film Nights

Professional Event

Date and Speaker to be announced

2014 topic : Beyond Consequences: Helping Children with Attachment Issues, Trauma, Emotion Regulation Difficulties, and other Behavioural Challenges

Roundtable Discussion

How Schools can Help Students with Attachment Issues: Presentation to the international School Counsellors Association

  • Behaviours schools should be aware of, as possible indicators of Attachment Issues.
  • Which students can be affected?
  • How counsellors/teachers can help to strengthen the student’s ability to connect/attach.
  • Resources available to help the students and counsellors/teachers.

In November 2013, AFHK initiated a Roundtable Discussion, which was held with representatives invited from the local agencies, SWD, and other adoption support organisations. The objective was to collaboratively discuss recent adoption issues in the global media, including recent reports of re-homing, adoption disruptions, and child abuse in adoptive families in the US. This was a new advocacy endeavour for AFHK, and we are pleased that we had helpful discussion and sharing around these difficult issues, with a commitment by all present to continue to support adoptive families and protect the welfare of vulnerable children.

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